The Week Ahead: It’s all about SONA 2023

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his seventh State of the Nation Address on Thursday at 19:00.

It’s one of the most important speeches that the President delivers in any year. With a prime time tv audience, it is a tremendous PR opportunity for the President to give a report on ...

Ms Tsholofelo Bodlani

How did you come to join your political party and become an MP?

My journey in politics started when I was accepted into the Democratic Alliance Young Leaders Programme in 2007, and I graduated in 2008. My acceptance in into YLP made me realise how important it was for me ...

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Is the Electoral Amendment Bill Unconstitutional?

We sat down with Election Analyst, Michael Atkins, to discuss the electoral Amendment Bill and what consequences it will have for the 2024 national elections. Read the interview transcript below, and listen to the audio here.

Please note that this is not a verbatim transcript, as it has been edited ...

Closing the Gap: The Municipal Indigent Register

In 2001, South Africa adopted an indigent policy intended to provide free basic services to poor households. Under this policy, municipalities are required to identify indigent households that would receive services such as water, electricity, sanitation, and refuse. Households are required to register with municipalities to qualify for free basic ...

Why Parliaments Matter 2023

Child Protection Week 2023

How To Make A Submission On A Bill

Policy Newsletter: April Edition

Public Service Month - September 2023

The month of September is designated as Public Service Month in South Africa, a significant event on the Department of Public Service and Administration's annual calendar.

Public Service Month serves as a prompt to reflect on the essence of community service and evaluate the government's influence, particularly in the realm ...

Batho Pele Principles

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Mine Workers Provident Fund

Everything You Need To Know About Municipal Budgets

Why Parliaments Matter 2023

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Public Service Month - September 2023

Batho Pele Principles

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Coalition Governments and Democracy

The Week Ahead: BRICS Parliamentary Forum & Legislation