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Alina Mfulo

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Economic Development Committee business
    6 Nov 2018

    The Committee considered multiple outstanding minutes from 21 August to 16 October 2018. Members went through each document individually and made corrections to some of them before adopting. Minutes were adopted for all sessions except the second half of the 16th October meeting.

    Members raised several issues with the draft ...

  • Science and Technology Sustainable Development Goals: Science,Technology and Innovation landscape approach
    31 Oct 2018

    The presentation on the landscape approach to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) provided the Committee with an overview of the contribution of the Department of Science and Technology towards their attainment. Knowledge capabilities and the development of technology and innovation towards each SDG was discussed. Countries were at different stages ...

  • Economic Development Economic Development Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report
    30 Oct 2018

    Economic Development Budget Review & Recommendations Report at Budget Review & Recommendations

    The Committee considered and adopted its Budget Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR) on the Economic Development Department and its entities: Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal and International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC).

  • Science and Technology Draft White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation: DST briefing; BRRR
    24 Oct 2018

    The Department of Science and Technology’s (DST’s) senior management team discussed the draft White Paper on science, technology and innovation, which was at an advanced stage of amendment and sign-off. The presentation provided feedback on how far the process was with regard to the motivation and context of ...

  • Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology & NACI 2017/18 Annual Report
    17 Oct 2018

    Annual Reports 2017/18

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Science and Technology on their Annual Report 2017/18. The Department had received a clean audit. The Committee was updated by the Minister on the new board members in the various entities and expressed confidence in the new ...

  • Economic Development IDC 2017/18 Annual Report; Competition Amendment Bill: adoption
    16 Oct 2018

    The Committee passed the final version (B-list) of the Competition Amendment Bill as well as the Committee Report on the Bill.

    The DA objected to both, highlighting that the Bill gave too much powers to the Minister. The party further complained that the process undertaken by the Committee was questionable ...

  • Science and Technology South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions, CSIR, HSRC, TIA & ASSaf 2017/18 Annual Reports
    11 Oct 2018

    Annual Reports 2017/18 

    The Committee was briefed by the CSIR on their 2017/18 Annual Report. The organisation had received a clean audit. The key achievements were that 45 unemployed youth were trained with the MICT-SETA; 13 employment offers were made to MICT-SETA interns; and 200 000 young people ...

  • Science and Technology National Research Foundation & SA National Space Agency 2017/18 Annual Report, with AGSA input
    10 Oct 2018

    Annual Reports 2017/18 

    The Committee was briefed by the Auditor General on the audit outcomes of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and its entities. Annual reports for 2017/2018 were presented by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). The Auditor ...

  • Economic Development Competition Tribunal & ITAC 2017/18 Annual Reports; with AGSA input
    9 Oct 2018

    Annual Reports 2017/18

    The Competition Tribunal told the Committee the decrease in its efficiency was mainly due to the increase in the investigation periods. There had been an increase in the number of extensions and delays that it could not do anything about. The increase in its case load ...

  • Economic Development Competition Amendment Bill: proposed amendments
    3 Oct 2018

    The Committee reconvened for a second day to give consideration to the Minister’s responses to the Committee’s proposed amendments to the Competition Bill. The Committee had to adjourn the previous day owing to quorum issues. The meeting started at 09h30 but the Committee had to briefly adjourn as ...