Mr Bernard Daniel Joseph

Formerly: National Assembly and Western Cape Provincial Legislature

Bernard Daniel Joseph

About Bernard Daniel Joseph

Mr Joseph resigned from the National Assembly in 2015 to represent the Western Cape EFF in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.



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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2014 [Source]


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Brainwave Projects CC


Description Extent Location
House [50%] 3 Bedroomed Thornton

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 12 Feb 2015

    (1) In view of the steady decline in the contribution of agriculture to our economy, from contributing 21% to the country’s gross domestic product in 1910 to a mere 3% to 5% over the years and the need for more food production over the next decades, (a) what steps ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 12 Sep 2014

    (1) With reference to land capability as reflected in the Fetsa Tlala Food Production Initiative (details furnished), what (a) is the percentage of arable land for agricultural purpose that has been transferred to coloureds, blacks and Indians since 1994 and (b) challenges is the specified province experiencing in terms of ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Police 28 Mar 2014

    (1) Whether he will provide clarity on the reasons why Nkandla was declared a National Key Point; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether this was done in an effort to offset financial implications for a certain person (name furnished); if not, what is ...

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