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Beverley Lynnette Abrahams

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Social Development Minutes and reports
    20 Mar 2019

    The Portfolio Committee on Social Development met to consider and adopt outstanding minutes and reports.

    The 2nd and 3rd Quarterly Reports were adopted.

    Minutes for 20 February 2019 was  adopted with amendments. Minutes of 6 March 2019 and 13 March 2019 were adopted.

    Members and Parliamentary Staff were thanked for ...

  • Social Development Substance Abuse Treatment Centre in Free State construction delays; DSD lease agreement
    13 Mar 2019

    The Portfolio Committee on Social Development met with representatives from the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of Social Development (DSD) to discuss the causes of delay in securing suitable premises.

    DPW said the Head Office of DSD is situated in the Human Science Research Council (HSRC) Building ...

  • Social Development Central Drug Authority 2016/17 Annual Report, structure & governance; Department of Social Development Quarter 2 & 3 performance
    6 Mar 2019

    The Committee was briefed by the Central Drug Authority’s (CDA) on its Annual Report for the years 2016/17. Members expressed great dissatisfaction at the Report’s lack of relevance and usefulness and took a decision to write to the Minister of Social Development and other relevant parties expressing ...

  • Sports, Arts and Culture Sport and Recreation Committee Legacy Report
    5 Mar 2019

    The Committee met to discuss the Legacy Report covering the achievements during their tenure for the past five years of the Fifth Parliament.

    The Committee Content Advisor led the Members through the report page by page whilst elaborating on some of the issues.  Members were given an opportunity to ask ...

  • Social Development High Level Panel recommendations: Department of Social Development response
    27 Feb 2019

    The Department of Social Development (DSD) presented their response to the findings and recommendations of the High Level Panel (HLP), providing insight into their intermediate and long-term action plans to achieve the acceleration of fundamental change to meet the goals of the Panel. The focus of the presentation was broken ...

  • Sports, Arts and Culture 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Banyana Banyana’s preparations
    26 Feb 2019

    The Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation has called on corporate South Africa to help support Banyana Banyana’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign. The Committee heard during a presentation from the South African Football Association (SAFA) that R20 million had been budgeted for the entire campaign. The ...

  • Social Development SONA impact & latest developments: Minister briefing; Worker Employment Grant: Department briefing
    20 Feb 2019

    The Portfolio Committee of Social Development met for a briefing from the Department of Social Development on the Second and Third Quarter Financial And Non-Financial Performance Report for the 2018/19 financial year as well as the draft organogram of the Department. However, the draft organogram was not available, having ...

  • Sports, Arts and Culture Caster Semenya Matter; Department of Sport and Recreation Quarter 3 performance
    19 Feb 2019

    The Department of Sport and Recreation briefed Committee on the Caster Semenya matter as well as its Performance Report and Financial Statements for quarter 3. The Minister of Sports and Recreation was in attendance.

    The Minister gave a historical background and status update on the progress of the Caster Semenya ...

  • Social Development Western Cape oversight report; 1st Term Committee programme
    13 Feb 2019

    The Committee deliberated on their First Term programme which would take them to the end of the term. It was highlighted that work still had to be done on the Quarterly and Legacy reports. The programme document would be for the new Members who will continue with the Committee.

    Members ...

  • Sports, Arts and Culture SASCOC Inquiry Report; with Minister & Deputy
    12 Feb 2019

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Sport and Recreation on the Report of the Ministerial Committee Appointed to Investigate Irregularities or Malpractice in the Governance and Management of SASCOC. The Minister and the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation were in attendance.

    The Committee heard that the Ministerial ...