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  • COVID-19 indicators and situational analysis; Update on vaccine roll-out 25 Aug 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) referred to the graph showing the progress made by the Department in terms of reducing the reproductive rates (see slide 5 of the attached document) and bringing down the curve. He was, however, concerned that the statistics in the graph presented was different from what he ...
  • COVID-19 indicators and situational analysis; Update on vaccine roll-out 23 Jul 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) noted that the Western Cape had quite low numbers, according to the weekend vaccination figures from the National DoH. Considering that almost 17 000 vaccinations were done nationally over the weekend of 17 to 18 July 2021, only 719 vaccinations (all from the private sector) were ...
  • Department of Human Settlements 2020/21 Quarter 4 Performance 18 Jun 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) agreed that the Committee should keep trying to engage the Department. District Six was an unusual restitution case in so far as the government decided not only to return but also to develop the land. It involved a lot of history and there was unhappiness amongst ...
  • COVID-19 vaccination rollout programme for the old age homes in the Province 11 Jun 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) said the percentages in the presentation were interesting, but it would be more useful to get the actual numbers of residents who were vaccinated in facilities of the three organisations. He wanted to know whether the organisations allowed non-residents, from communities and neighbourhoods in the residential ...
  • COVID-19 indicators and situational analysis; Uupdate on vaccine roll-out 25 May 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) stated that his questions had to do with the interview by one of the news channels over the weekend on television with Dr Cloete. He wanted to know as to why the Department had ordered only 30 000 vaccines for the week for the Western Cape, ...

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