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  • COVID-19 vaccination rollout programme for the old age homes in the Province 11 Jun 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) said the percentages in the presentation were interesting, but it would be more useful to get the actual numbers of residents who were vaccinated in facilities of the three organisations. He wanted to know whether the organisations allowed non-residents, from communities and neighbourhoods in the residential ...
  • Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Vote 8: Human Settlements 17 Mar 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) had questions about the Adjustment Budget. He referred to the R220 million that was received from national government and pointed out that the figures did not add up and asked for an explanation. There was the R150 million for HSDG (Human Settlement Development Grant) for the ...
  • Emergency housing building materials provided to Bitou Municipality & related matters; Conventional and alternate building methods 3 Mar 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) asked Bitou about the allocation of the R3.9 million as emergency grant funding. Was there a tender in place to procure the material or did the municipality have to go out? How did the material get procured so quickly? Mr Herron noticed the allocation had been ...
  • Finalisation of Committee Reports 4 Feb 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) said he had also submitted questions for a written reply on the issue. He agreed that the Committee needed to understand what was going but did not understand what the Chairperson proposed should happen next.
  • Acquisition of COVID vaccine, rollout & funding 3 Feb 2021

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) thanked the HOD for the very thorough and well planned vaccination implementation plan. He recommended the plan be published for the people in the Western Cape to read so as to boost public confidence in government’s strategy in the roll out of the vaccine. He said ...

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