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  • Land Occupation and Evictions: stakeholder engagements 16 Sep 2020

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) stated the importance of understanding the role of law enforcement action in the context of the human settlement solutions and noted that the focus was on law enforcement actions without understanding ways of addressing homelessness. He asked for evidence of political orchestration in land invasion and ...
  • COVID-19 Citizen Engagement 9 Sep 2020

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) said it is devastating to hear the comments made about ECD Centres. He believes as a Committee and Parliament, these concerns must be addressed. Regarding the Restart Subsidy, he wanted to know the approximate amount of the estimation needed. He asked how the ECD Centres are ...
  • Economic Recovery, Support and Livelihoods: engagement with business chambers and unions 26 Aug 2020

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) asked about the impact of the Temporary Employer and Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) on saving jobs. Had any of the organisations’ members complained about the suspension of the TERS payments which seemed to impact on people who had applied for June? What had the impact been ...
  • COVID-19 indicators and public healthcare capacity; Schooling and Education during pandemic 19 Aug 2020

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) asked if the Department did any modeling or trajectory, regarding if it was heading towards a virus free province. He asked what Dr Cloete meant when he spoke about an initial surge, and asked if he anticipated resurgence.
  • Readiness and responses of Public Health Facilities & Private Hospitals in the Western Cape to COVID-19 22 Jul 2020

    Mr B Herron (GOOD) asked if testing volumes changed, specifically, if there is a reduction in the number of testing requests or patients arriving to be tested at private hospitals. He wanted to know about the pressures within the hospital facilities and if the private hospitals are under pressure regarding ...

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