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Mrs Phillips' first joined politics in 1992 during the Referendum for the "Yes" vote to change the political system in South Africa. In 2011, she was recruited to go on to a Wards Committee and she started getting quite active in the DA and on the Ward Committee. Currently she is the member of the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy. Read more here.

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Attended 22 meetings out of 25

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Committee appearances

  • DMRE on its response to Covid-19, including regulations thereof 26 May 2020

    Ms C Phillips (DA) asked whether the timelines in the presentation reflected the expected start of the projects, or when they were expected to be completed. She also requested feasibility studies on the projects. She asked how the DMRE was planning to reduce the costs. She applauded the DMRE’s ...
  • NERSA, SDT & SADPMR 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 20 May 2020

    Ms C Phillips (DA) thanked the SADPMR for the presentation and mentioned that there have been companies with complaints against the SADPMR. She requested a document that outlines all the companies under the SADPMR and how much of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the companies are contributing to the country.
  • NRWDI, NNR & MHSC 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 19 May 2020

    Ms C Phillips (DA) was concerned that the NRWDI still had an Acting CEO. Nothing had changed since the last Committee meeting about the CEO appointment. What is the utilisation of existing storage? How much spent fuel has been received per annum in the last three years? What is NRWDI ...
  • SANEDI, Mintek & NECSA 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 19 May 2020

    Ms C Phillips (DA) said that on page three of the Strategic Plan, there was a World Bank grant of US$23 million. She wanted to know if the money was already in their bank account, or would they get it only once they had implemented the project. She asked ...
  • Council for GeoScience, Mintek & CEF 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 12 May 2020

    Ms C Phillips (DA) asked if there had been new seismic data since 2019.

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