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  • Virtual Oversight on enterprises benefited from Covid-19 Relief Fund 17 Mar 2021

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) wanted clarity from the beneficiaries. He wanted to know how many guest houses and employees Lapologa BnB had. He asked Waterfront Guesthouse how many employees it had and to clarify what is meant by the business being “family-run”. Does “family-run” mean that Waterfront Guesthouse only hires ...
  • DSBD, SEFA & SEDA 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance 10 Mar 2021

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) agreed with Mr Hendricks’ comment about the report format. COVID-19 had created many disturbances and the pandemic issue “can just disappear and leave us alone” to allow for oversight. Oversight would determine if this report reflected reality. Although localisation was mentioned in the report, it was ...
  • DSBD, SEFA & SEDA 2020/21 Quarter 2 performance 3 Mar 2021

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) agreed with Mr Hendricks’s and Mr April’s comments -- there was a disjuncture between the “nice presentations” in meetings and the picture in Members’ own constituencies. The reality was that all that was being said in the meeting was not happening in practice. The Committee’s oversight ...
  • Impact of SONA on Department 24 Feb 2021

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) said that for the DSBD to achieve its goals, it needed to do road shows because some people did not know about the importance of farms. It was a serious problem, especially in the rural areas. The DSBD might be visible in the urban areas, funding ...
  • First Term Committee Programme 10 Feb 2021

    Mr D Mthenjane (EFF) noted that everyone agreed that the beneficiaries of the Relief Fund should be allowed to disclose the problems they faced in trying to obtain their money. The Tourism Minister and Director General must explain to the Committee and the beneficiaries what happened with the Relief Fund. ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Small Business Development 20 Apr 2021

    What (a) total amount of the budgeted COVID-19 relief fund for small businesses has been distributed to date and (b) is the racial profile of the businesses to which the specified funds were distributed?”
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Tourism 23 Feb 2021

    What steps has she taken to ensure that the post-COVID-19 tourism sector is more representative of all the racial groups in the Republic, instead of seemingly being dominated by white persons?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 15 Dec 2020

    What (a) measures has he put in place to ensure that hospitals in the Eastern Cape are fully equipped for the continuing rise in the number of COVID-19 infections and (b) lessons has he learnt (i) from the first wave of the spread of the virus and (ii) regarding the ...

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