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  • Copyright Amendment Bill: Further engagement with key stakeholders 15 Aug 2017

    The Chairperson said that it was an amendment Bill, which was currently in Parliament. It was no longer with the Department. It was no longer a draft, as it had been tabled. There were various options. The PC could reject the Bill and send it back to the Department. It ...
  • Copyright Amendment Bill: briefing; Debt Relief proposed policy: National Treasury input 30 May 2017

    Ms E Louw (EFF) requested that the Committee get the various reports mentioned by the DTI, to enable the Committee make an informed decision on the Bills. The Department should also look at what other departments had done with regard to organising artists. How would the Bill protect the resale ...
  • Committee Report Trade and Industry Budget 17 May 2017

    The Chairperson explained that she has put it in formally but the processes of Parliament required this sort of information to be on ATC. Therefore, when new Members are put to a Committee it cannot be only an individual per se but must follow the process in Parliament. That process ...
  • Appropriations Bill: briefing by National Treasury 16 May 2017

    Ms E Louw (EFF) noted that the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) had presented about challenges related to coordination and reporting on MTSF targets by departments. She asked what Treasury was doing about that. It was difficult to make sense of the 2017 Appropriation Bill. It was like buying a car ...
  • Appropriations Bill: briefing by National Treasury 16 May 2017

    Ms E Louw (EFF) asked if the Minister had to leave in 30 minutes, who would answer on these issues. It was the first time the Committee had met with him, and there would only be half an hour for questions. The Treasury presentation was long with 29 slides.

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