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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Transport Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) Bill: public hearings day 1
    16 May 2018

    The Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) Bill was subjected to considerable criticism from representatives of the legal and medical professions during public hearings conducted by the Portfolio Committee on Transport, with some suggestions that it was inferior to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) scheme it was supposed to replace.

    The ...

  • Transport Department of Transport budget: Committee Report
    8 May 2018

    The Content adviser briefed the Committee on observations and recommendations contained in the Annual Performance Plan. Those were related to non-adherence of targets to SMART principles; board vacancies in entities; implementation of road safety programmes; plans for legislation submitted in the outer years of the Medium Term Strategic Framework; the ...

  • Transport Department of Transport, ACSA, ATNS, SACAA, SANRAL, SAMSA 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan
    19 Apr 2018

    Five entities from the Department of Transport briefed the Committee on their annual performance plans, budgets and strategic plans. The entities were the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA), Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS), the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) ...

  • Transport Department of Transport, RAF, RTMC, RTIA, C-BRTA, Ports Regulator 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan
    18 Apr 2018

    The Road Accident Fund (RAF), the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA), the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) and the Ports Regulator of South Africa briefed the Committee on their 2018/19 APPs, budgets and strategic plans.

    The RAF said it was challenged by two main ...

  • Transport Department of Transport, PRASA and RSR 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan; with Minister and Deputy Minister
    17 Apr 2018

    The Portfolio Committee on Transport met with the Transport ministry, the Department of Transport (DoT) and teams from two DoT entities, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and Railway Safety regulator to deal with their Annual Performance Plans (APPs)..

    The Minister gave an overview of DoT’s alignment with ...

  • Transport Department of Transport Quarter 2 and 3 performance, with Deputy Minister
    14 Mar 2018

    The Department of Transport (DoT) presented on the progress that had been made in the implementation of programmes and projects for the second and third quarters of the 2017/18 financial year. In the second quarter, the level of performance was 76%. The Department had 39 targets - eight had been ...

  • Transport National Land Transport A/Bill: e-hailing operators; SANRAL ‘e-Toll’ A/Bill; PRASA Inquiry prep
    13 Mar 2018

    Documents awaited: Committee Report on Northern Cape oversight visit; PRASA Inquiry terms of reference

    The Committee expressed concern that the Acting Director General was not available for the fifth consecutive meeting on e-hailing transport services in the National Land Transport Amendment Bill. This had delayed the processing of the Bill. ...

  • Transport National Land Transport Amendment Bill: proposed amendments
    6 Mar 2018

    In the previous meeting, the Committee had agreed to the proposed amendments but still had concerns about clauses 38 and 48 which affected Uber, Taxify and taxi operators.

    The Committee was of the opinion that it could not allow clauses 38 and 48 to be passed because they would make ...

  • Transport Commuter Operations and Safety: PRASA and Department; with Deputy Minister
    27 Feb 2018

    PRASA Report (This document is being reviewed)

    The Committee met to continue engagements with the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and the Department of Transport on commuter operations and safety.

    It noted that:

    • The invitation had been for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of PRASA subsidiaries to also come before ...
  • Transport National Land Transport Amendment Bill: deliberations
    21 Feb 2018

    The Portfolio Committee on Transport met to deliberate on the amendments to the National Land Transport Amendment Bill [B7-2016]. The meeting had been adjourned after Parliamentary Legal Adviser, State Legal Adviser and the Department of Transport (DoT) team had disagreed on the wording of Clause 7 on the 20 February ...