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  • Energy Sale of strategic fuel stock by Strategic Fuel Fund: Minister of Energy, Central Energy Fund & SSF input
    30 May 2017

    Presentation document not made available
    Lies, theft and dishonesty surround the mysterious sale of the country’s fuel stock reserves. This emerged during the Portfolio Committee on Energy’s discussion when the Minister of Energy was presenting the findings of a preliminary report into the controversial sale of the fuel stock.

    It ...

  • Energy Committee Report on Energy Budget
    16 May 2017

    The Committee met for recommendation and approval of the second draft Report of the Portfolio Committee on Energy, Budget Vote No 26 of the Department of Energy. The Committee’s recommendations were summarised on seven specific issues the Department should prioritise during the current financial year.

    After the Committee’s first draft ...

  • Energy Committee Report on Department of Energy Budget
    9 May 2017

    Document handed out:
    Committee Budget Vote Report No. 26 of the Department of Energy [available once published Tabled Committee Reports]

    Members of the Portfolio Committee considered the first draft report on the Budget Vote No 26 of the Department of Energy (DoE) after being briefed on the three main blocks ...

  • Energy Department of Energy on its Annual Performance Plan, with Minister and Deputy Minister in attendance
    2 May 2017

    In her first appearance before the Committee, the newly designated Minister of Energy, Ms Mmamaloko Kubayi covered a wide range of important topics that were of concern to Members, particularly those related to the lack of trust and transparency from which the Department of Energy (DoE) was suffering. The meeting ...

  • Energy PetroSA impairment & turnaround strategy, with Minister
    14 Mar 2017

    The purpose of the meeting was to get closure on the enormous impairment suffered by PetroSA in the 2014/2015 financial year. The Committee requested information about what led to the loss, who was responsible for it and how those people were held accountable. The Chairperson emphasised the importance of establishing ...

  • Energy DOE on its Quarter 2 & 3 Performance, with Deputy Minister
    7 Mar 2017

    The Department on Energy adjusted total budget is R7.5 billion for 2016/17. The year-to-date budget at the end of Quarter 2 (1 April to 31 August 2016, which was six months), was R5.1 billion. Year-to-date the Department had spent R4.6 billion, leaving a variance of R438 million. The variances were: ...

  • Energy South Africa‚Äôs future electricity mix: CSIR briefing
    21 Feb 2017

    The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research briefed the Committee on the scenarios surrounding the introduction of various energy sources to meet the electricity demand up until the year 2050.

    Since the year 2000 both wind and solar PV had been heavily subsidised by government however various market changes had ...

  • Energy Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) & Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) update, with Deputy Minister
    14 Feb 2017

    The Department of Energy (DoE) took the Committee through the updates on the modelling and conclusion of the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Both policy tools had been allocated a consultation process from November 2016 to March 2017, which has not been finalised as stakeholders’ contributions ...

  • Energy Nuclear New Build Programme contracted investigations
    29 Nov 2016

    The Committee were briefed by the Department of Energy (DOE) on the contracts that it entered into over a five-year period to investigate the procurement of the Nuclear New Build programme (NNBP). The DOE reported on each of the studies carried out highlighting their purpose, output, cost and duration.

    The ...

  • Energy Central Energy Fund (CEF) on its Annual Report for 2015/16
    8 Nov 2016

    Annual Reports 2015/16 

    The CEF reported that CEF Group had an asset value of R35 billion and currently employed about 2 100 people. Major achievements for the group included an unqualified audit opinion by the Auditor-General. The group of companies had a R16.2 billion cash balance and reported that it ...