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Jacob Boy Mamabolo

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About Jacob Boy Mamabolo

My name is Jacob Boy Mamabolo and I was born on the 11th of May in 1983 at Seshego Township near the City of Polokwane in the Limpopo Province , I started my schooling at Mponegele Primary from 1989-1992 and proceeded to Letlotlo Primary School to do my Grade 5-7 between 1993 and 1995.

In 1996 when doing Grade 08 at Mohlakaneng High School I joined COSAS and became its active member , in 1997 I was appointed to serve in its Branch Interim leadership which its task was to prepare for the Annual General Meeting which took place in October 1997 and I was Elected as the Branch Secretary a position which I held until 2000 when I was elevated to be the COSaS Capricorn Regional Secretary until 2002 when I got elected to be the Provincial Secretary at the Limpopo 6th Provincial Conference in April 2002 while doing Matric.

In high school I served as the Sport, Arts and Culture Head and Secretary of the LRC from 1999 and got re-elected up until 2002. I’m currently a 2nd year Paralegal Student at the University of Johannesburg , the course will be completed at the end of November 2020 and I aspire to continue to study until I get a Doctorate.

In 1997 I formally joined the ANCYL after I had started participating at the age of 12 serving in the ANC’s street Commitees. In 2003 while at the Rand Afrikaans University (now UJ) I served as SASCO Branch Secretary from 2003-04 and then further became the ANCYL RAU Campus Secretary in 2004.

I had to quit RAU due to pressure and went back to Polokwane where I started being involved in several Committes/Boards such as The Limpopo Geographical Names Committee which I became its member from 2006-2010 when I got appointed to be its Provincial Chairperson by the then MEC for Arts and Culture Cde Joyce Mashamba I served as the Chairperson of the Committee until 2013.

I also served in the Limpopo Tourism Board as the youngest member in its History at the age of 25 in 2008.

I served at the ANCYL Branch Secretary of Milo Malatjie Branch at Ward 13 in Polokwane Sub-Region from 2008 until 2013 relinquished the position to occupy the Chairperson of the ANC Branch Which i held from 2013 to Present, before that I’ve been a BEC member of the ANC since 2002.

In 2013 I participated in the ANC Parliamentary list processes to the Legislature but I was asked to withdraw because I was facing “criminal Charges” and I had to clear my name in Court.

I came back to participate in the 2018 list processes which I topped the list as number one during the nomination processes for Province to National. After the final list I became number two and made it to the 6th Parliament to represent the ANC after 2019 General Elections.

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84% attendance rate (16 of 19 )

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76% attendance rate (29 of 38 )

2020 committee attendance as mp

78% attendance rate (25 of 32 )

2019 committee attendance as mp

87% attendance rate (20 of 23 )

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Mr B Mamabolo (ANC) thought the Minister or Department should be given a chance…

Mr B Mamabolo (ANC) asked about the tripartite relationship SARU has with the Departments of Sports and Basic Education. He ...

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Hon Chairperson, if we get our learners to go school at 7am in the morning, as I have indicated, the school goes out at 2pm. From there we get them ...

Hon Chairperson, from there on a Saturday, we get them to go and play their respective sporting fields. On a Sunday they go to church, they come back and they ...

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Value of Contract Period of Contract Details of Contract and Management thereof Name of State Entity





Type of Business Activity Directorship/Partnership in any Corporate Body


Tabo Makgatho pty ltd(resigned)

Value Description Source

R80 000



Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property



Leasing 500sm

Public/Private Source



Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value


Boy Mamabolo Foundation


R400 000

Description of Journey Sponsor

From the house to airports And back


Description of Benefit Source

Stipends and Tshirts

Boy Mamabolo

Extent Description of Assistance/Sponsorship Source of Sponsorship

Money directly paid to service providers

For Soccer and Netball tournaments


Type of Business Name of Employer

Charity/ Sports development


Value of any Benefits derived Name of Organisation Type of Business Activity




Name of Trust Trustee/Beneficiary Registration Number Details of all benefits derived

Boy Mamabolo Foundation




Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value


Tlabo Makgatho (Pty) Ltd


R100 000

Description of Journey Sponsor

Polokwane to Pretoria and return

JS cars

Extent Description of Assistance/Sponsorship Source of Sponsorship

R40 000

For my son’s 1st birthday as a loan

A friend, Mr Mawere

Type of Business Activity Directorship/Partnership in any Corporate Body

Supply and Trading

Yes a 100% Director at Tlabo Makgatho (Pty) Ltd

Value Description Source

R30 000


My friend, Mr Mawere

R10 000


Mr Mawere