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  • Tribute In Honour Of The First Democratically Elected President Of The Republic Of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 9 Dec 2013

    Hon Speaker, hon Chair, Your Excellency the Deputy President, all protocol observed, the Mandela family and the Sisulu family, indeed we must thank God for blessing us with such a great leader as Tata Madiba. South Africa, Africa and the world has lost a father, a leader and indeed the ...

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 18 Jun 2013

    Deputy Chair, the member referred to transformation. I would like to ask the member, through you, hon Deputy Chair: Is he satisfied right now that transformation is really taking place in respect of local government issues?

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 18 Jun 2013

    Madam Chair, will the hon member take a question, please?

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 18 Jun 2013

    No, I can't take a question; I am talking about something very serious. [Laughter.] Let me speak to the Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. I'm pleading with you: This Bill has been with the department for four years now but the Khoi-San people are still not getting recognition. ...

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 18 Jun 2013

    Deputy Chair, hon Ministers and members, when one sits here, listening to members, the Minister of Human Settlements, as well as the Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, one needs to ask oneself many questions. One of the questions we need to ask ourselves is: How honest and objective ...

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 11 Sep 2012

    I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the Council I shall move on behalf of ID:

    That the Council -

    (1) notes the Auditor-General's report concerning local government on the quality of service delivery; and

    (2) further notes that municipalities that received clean financial audits had ...

  • APPROPRIATION BILL (Consideration of Votes and Schedules) 21 Jun 2012

    Hon Chair, the ID certainly supports many of the programmes and initiatives of the Department for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. However, we cannot in good conscience vote in favour of this budget. In the past financial year this department received a qualified audit opinion by the Auditor-General. This was ...

  • RJ. 21 Jun 2012

    Sorry, Chair, we cannot allow this to go on - this thing that we keep on hearing about Bantu education. The hon Sinclair never had that feeling; he never had that pain, and he keeps on repeating this, Chair. We cannot allow this: He keeps on telling us about Bantu ...

  • RJ. 21 Jun 2012

    He said again that it was because of Bantu education that we did it like that. He said that, Chair.

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 17 May 2012

    Hon Minister, it is time that we really go to grass-roots level to make this vision - "A better life for all" and "Working together we can do more" - a reality. In your budget speech you do not mention specifically how much money will be spent in each province. ...