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Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Vincent Khumalo

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Committee appearances

  • Sentech 2008/09 Strategy and Budget 7 May 2008

    Mr Khumalo (ANC) asked what Sentech was doing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and why their equipment was too expensive so that small community radio stations could not afford acquiring such equipment.
  • Arts & Culture Budget: Minister’s briefing; Department & National Film &Video Foundation: discussion on Areas of Concern 13 Jun 2006

    Mr Khumalo (ANC) argued that many of the performing arts institutions that were funded by the Department were mainly white male dominated institutions. Many of these institutions also only served small communities such as the Windybrow Theatre. On the other hand the NAC mostly catered for and provided funding to ...
  • Department Annual Report: briefing 2 Nov 2005

    Mr Khumalo (ANC) wanted a breakdown of service delivery achievements. He asked whether other provinces were implementing Batho Pele principles. He asked what was being done about skills development where consultants were being used, and why skilled staff were not retained in the Department.

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