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Jacob Koti Dikobo was born on 22 April 1962completed his tertiary education at the University of the North and graduated with the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a Bachelor of Education in Pedagogy (B.A. (Paed). While he was at university, Dikobo became an active member of the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) and served in its leadership structures. He served as secretary and later chairman of the Turfloop Branch of the Azanian Students Movement (AZASM).
Mr Dikobo was also involved in a number of youth related religious organizations and upon completion of his studies, went on to work as a teacher and later a school principal. After the formation of the Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO), Dikobo served as the party’s Secretary of the Seshego Branch rising through the ranks to the position of Secretary of the Northern Transvaal Region. Around the same time, he became Secretary of the Seshego Education Watchdog Committee (SEWACO). Dikobo later became AZAPO’s Vice Chairman and served as a member of the party’s Central Committee. He became actively involved in the underground structures of AZAPO, the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania (BCMA) and later joined the Azanian National Liberation Army (AZANLA). He was part of AZAPO’s delegation to a tri-lateral meeting between AZAPO, BCMA and the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) in Kadoma, Zimbabwe. Dikobo also became an active trade unionist. He served as Vice- President of the National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA) and as a Central Committee member of the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU). After the Professional Educators Union (PEU) was launched in 1998, Dikobo served as Vice-chairman of the Pietersburg District and later as the union’s President. He also served as Vice President of the Confederation of South African Workers Union (CONSAWU) after its launch in 2003. He was also elected President of the Association of Non-Aligned Teacher Unions in Southern Africa (ANTUSA) at its founding in December 2007 in Kabwe, Zambia, a position he held until he relinquished it on his election as AZAPO President. Dikobo is also a member of various institutions. He served as a member of the National Board for Further Education and Training (NBFET), the NEDLAC Development Chamber, and ETDP-SETA. He served as a Chairman of the College Council of the Capricorn College for Further Education and Training and Secretary of the College Council of Kwena Moloto College. In March 2010, Dikobo was elected as the President of AZAPO succeeding Mosibudi Mangena. He is also the party’s sole Member of Parliament.Source: (

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2013 [Source]


Description Extent Location
House Normal Seshego

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2012 [Source]


Description Extent Location
House +-200sq.m. Seshego

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2011 [Source]


Description Extent Location
House +-200 sq.m. Seshego

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2010 [Source]


Description Extent Location
Residential 350sq.m. Seshego, Polokwane

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  • LAND AUDIT REPORT (Statement by the Acting Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform) 13 Mar 2014

    Hon Deputy Speaker, hon members and guests in the gallery, land was the primary reason our people waged the liberation struggle. The struggle was a direct response to decades of land dispossession and conquest, where people were forcefully removed from their ancestral land. The so-called land reform was meant to ...


    Hon Speaker, hon members, guests in the gallery, I came to Parliament in the middle of 2010, following the retirement of the hon Dr Mosibudi Mangena. By the time I arrived, other members had been here for more than a year. Comrade Mangena did his best to show me around ...

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