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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Local Government (WCPP) Induction Programme for new Councillors; Monitoring of Local Government by Provincial Standing Committees
    10 May 2022


    The Committee was briefed by the Western Cape Provincial Parliament’s senior legal adviser on the legislature’s and Committee's roles in exercising oversight over the Department of Local Government. Discussions also focused also on the right of the legislature and the Committee to obtain information from municipalities which were needed ...

  • Local Government (WCPP) Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Local Government
    17 Mar 2022


    Appropriation Bill

    The Western Cape Parliament's Standing Committee on Local Government deliberated on and adopted the budget of the Western Cape Department of Local Government for the 2022/23 financial year.

    Among issues discussed was the establishment of a provincial house of traditional leaders and the coming into effect of ...

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Office of Premier
    16 Mar 2022


    Appropriation Bill

    The Western Cape’s Committee on the Premier and Constitutional matters deliberated on and adopted the budget of the Office of the Premier, with the ANC expressing a minority view that opposed it.

    The ANC questioned the department’s commitment to non-racialism and promotion of people disadvantaged by unfair ...

  • Budget (WCPP) 2022 Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Provincial Treasury briefing
    14 Mar 2022


    The Western Cape 2022 provincial budget continued to respond to the constrained economic and socio-economic environment, but ensuring an impact for citizens would require a strengthening of collective oversight over its implementation. The Provincial Treasury reported this when it was briefing the Budget Committee of the provincial legislature in ...

  • Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport (WCPP) Premier on matters relating to the report against Mr A Fritz
    2 Mar 2022


    Media release by Premier Alan Winde on the removal of Albert Fritz

    In a virtual meeting, the Committee was briefed on the report alleging sexual misconduct against Mr Albert Fritz, a former Member of the Executive Council (MEC) of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament (WCPP).

    Adv Jennifer Williams said ...

  • Adhoc Committee on Covid-19 (WCPP) Briefing by UCT Children’s Institute on impact of Covid-19 pandemic on children in the province
    1 Mar 2022


    In a virtual meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee on Covid-19 was briefed by the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children in the Western Cape, and the emerging impact of Covid-19 and lockdown across seven domains. Other ancillary contributions ...

  • Local Government (WCPP) Election of Chairperson; Quarterly Reports
    1 Mar 2022


    The Standing Committee on Local Government met to nominate and elect its new Chairperson, who was Ms L Botha (ANC).

    After meeting minutes and Committee reports were adopted, Members disagreed about items to be placed on the Committee programme for the year. The Chairperson said she would have a ...

  • Education (WCPP) School Infrastructure in the province
    22 Feb 2022


    In a virtual meeting, the Western Cape Departments of Education and Transport and Public Works briefed the Standing Committee on Education on the status of infrastructure in schools in the Western Cape province, especially those in the Swartland Municipality.

    The Department stated that there has been a lot of ...

  • Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport (WCPP) Department of Community Safety & Western Cape Liquor Authority 2020/21 Annual Reports
    1 Feb 2022


    Western Cape Annual Reports 2020/21

    The Chairperson addressed the recent suspension of the Community Safety MEC and acknowledged Members concerns but reassured them once the investigative report had been tabled before the Western Cape Premier, a meeting would be held with the Premier.

    The Western Cape Liquor Authority indicated ...

  • Education (WCPP) WCED on unplaced learners, school readiness & Matric Results
    25 Jan 2022


    The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) with the collective efforts of all officials, learners, stakeholders and parents managed an improved pass rate and access rate to Bachelor’s degree programmes.

    MEC for Education, Debbie Schafer, in her introductory remarks, stated the placement of learners was still an outstanding matter but ...