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The Chairperson tabled the Minutes of 13 March and 14 March and noted that two amendments had been suggested on ...

Ms M Mentor (ANC) seconded Mr Landers’ proposal.

Ms M Mentor (ANC) also believed that the clause should stand as originally worded. She wanted to test the issue ...

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Hon Chairperson, hon Minister and Deputy Minister, members of the judiciary, the director-general and his delegation, ladies and gentlemen, I would be failing in my duties if I did not ...

Hon Chairperson, the ANC supports the Budget Vote. Yesterday, the figures for the GDP for the quarter were released for the South African economy, and it stand at 4,6%. This ...

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Description Sponsor

Washington, DC - Air tikcet 5 nights accommodation [No stipend]

UN Global Power Women

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business



Vakazi Ltd

Liquidated - 30 July 2013

Description Sponsor

Washington DC - Air ticket, Accommodation [5 nights] and Stipend.

UN Global Power [Women]

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business


[Dormant Co.]

Description Location





Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

The Business Zone 2402


Vakazi Holdings

Public Co. [Resigned]

Board of Trustees for Pension Fund for Political Office Bearers


Source Description Value

Various entities and companies

12 Soccer tickets from various entities


University of Limpopo

Silver pen



Gratuity [Honorarium] Keynote Speaker: their aim was in supporting international programs

R5,000 [once off]