Prince Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi

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Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi


  • IPID Executive Director term of office: finalisation 27 Feb 2019

    Mr M Buthelezi (IFP) agreed but noted that every time the matter was engaged, it became more compounded. This is not a hearing but he agreed with Ms Kohler Barnard – someone reading the report would come to a certain conclusion therefore it is important to include responses to the accusations ...
  • Speaker’s referral: consideration and deliberation on submissions received from parties 25 Feb 2019

    Mr M Buthelezi (IFP) thought agreement was already reached at the Committee’s previous meeting that there would not be any oral presentations. What is the point of what the Committee is doing now? Would the previous decision have to be rescinded?
  • Section 25 review of Constitution: deliberations 14 Nov 2018

    Mr M Buthelezi (IFP) suggested that Members must not argue about the observations. He gave an example saying he had said some political parties interfered with the process. He clarified that he himself is not in a position to comment on something about a hearings team of which he was ...
  • Section 25 review of Constitution: deliberations 13 Nov 2018

    Mr M Buthelezi (IFP) acknowledged that land is in the hands of a few people and that it is a challenge which needs to be addressed urgently. Every person who participated acknowledged the need to address the question of land reform once and for all except for AfriForum which in ...
  • Section 25 review of Constitution: Committee report 8 Nov 2018

    Mr M Buthelezi (IFP) stated that the Committee was becoming very technical. Minutes are adopted on the basis of being correct. He was present at the meeting on 20 September 2018 but his name was not recorded. He reminded members that during the meeting, when members resolved not to listen ...