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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Finance Standing Committee 2017 Budget: Minister of Finance briefing
    23 Feb 2017

    The Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan, and officials from National Treasury, briefed the Committees, sitting jointly, on the 2017 budget. It was reported that 95% of the country’s wealth remains highly concentrated, with the minority having control over the resources. The 2017 budget plays a central role in transforming ...

  • Finance Standing Committee FICA Amendment Bill referral: briefings; Financial Sector Regulation Bill: omission; with Deputy Minister
    7 Dec 2016

    Discussion on Adoption of Financial Sector Regulation Bill
    The Committee discussed the reasons for the omission of three clauses of the Financial Sector Regulation Bill when it was voted on in the National Assembly on 6 December 2016 and the way forward. The Chairperson indicated that this had been a ...

  • Finance Standing Committee South African Airways (SAA) on its Annual Report 2015/16
    16 Nov 2016

    Annual Reports 2015/16 

    South African Airways (SAA) reported that its revenue for 2015/2016 had amounted to R28.8 billion, which was an increase of 1% over the previous year. There had been a 3% increase in load factors, and average air fares were up by 2%. Ancillary revenues had also improved ...

  • Finance Standing Committee Progress report and preliminary financial results: South African Airways briefing, with Deputy Minister present
    20 Sep 2016

    The meeting involved a presentation by the board of South African Airways (SAA) to the Standing Committee on Finance (SCOF) followed by a question and response session including input from the National Treasury (NT). The presentation included a progress report and preliminary financial results for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 financial ...