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Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Michéle Clarke

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Prior to 2000, she worked for Local Government for 15 years as an Official. She then got involved with the DA, and was the Chairperson for the Bedfordview Branch in Gauteng from 1997 until 2000. She was then elected as a Councillor for three terms to the Bedfordview Ward. During that period she served as a Whip, a Deputy Chief Whip, and she was also the spokesperson of the Shadow Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Safety at the time. Read more

2021 committee attendance as mp

78% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 9

2020 committee attendance as mp

80% attendance rate

Attended 24 meetings out of 30

2019 committee attendance as mp

70% attendance rate

Attended 16 meetings out of 23

Attendance Methodology

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Committee appearances

  • Update on South African Airways: DPE briefing 2 Jun 2021

    Ms M Clark (DA) asked if the restructuring of SAA Technical (SAAT) to the correct business size had been finalised. Is SAAT able to continue its operations in terms of business viability?
  • Alexkor 2019/20 Annual Report (input by organised labour) 26 May 2021

    Ms M Clark (DA) said that the report presented was devastating and if the current malaise at Alexkor was allowed to continue, it would end up in the same position that Denel is currently in. She asked why IMDSA was unable to produce. Had the agency added individuals from the ...
  • Public Enterprises Budget: Committee Report; Alexkor oversight report 19 May 2021

    Mr D Mocumi, Committee Secretariat, reported that there were apologies from Ms O Maotwe (EFF), Ms M Clark (DA) and Mr G Cachalia (DA). Ms N Mazzone (DA) was present as an alternative. He said that six Committee Members was necessary in order for the documents to be adopted.
  • Department of Public Enterprises 2021/22 Annual Performance 12 May 2021

    Ms M Clark (DA) said she wanted to see how the Department was actually going to attract skillsets in order to assist SOEs to perform better. What strategic plan has been put in place in order to do that? The presentation said that there were over 3000 employees employed by ...
  • Safcol 2019/20 Annual Report 17 Mar 2021

    Ms M Clarke (DA) said it was refreshing to have a presentation from an entity that is not on the verge of bankruptcy. What contracts caused the wasteful and irregular expenditure? Has this been corrected to mitigate such henceforth?

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 30 Jul 2021

    (a) What total number of G6 vehicles are standing in the garages of Denel for repair, (b) for how long have the specified vehicles been there and (c) what will it cost to repair the vehicles?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 30 Jul 2021

    (1)       What (a) are the relevant details of the manufacturing statistics within Denel over the past six years and (b) total profits have been realised locally; (2) (a) for which countries has Denel manufactured defence equipment and (b) what was the profit margin in this regard over the past six ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 30 Jul 2021

    (a) How will Denel reduce its bloated cost structure, (b) what orders are currently outstanding on Denel’s order book and (c) what are the reasons for the delays in terms of Denel’s contractual obligations?

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