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Mildred Oliphant

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Multi-Party Women’s Caucus Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Meeting
    30 Aug 2018

    A member of the Committee on the Multiparty Women’s Caucus highlighted crucial organs of the CPA, including the different regions that these organs were a part of. Thereafter she took members of the Women’s Caucus through the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarian’s report where she underlined the various gender-based ...

  • NCOP Economic and Business Development Department of Labour 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan; with Minister & Deputy Minister
    22 May 2018

    Minister of Labour said that the Committee had been invited to attend International Labour Organisation (ILO) meetings. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) had been approached by the ILO to participate in meetings but had observed that there seemed to be a gap for members of parliament to participate at ...

  • NCOP Petitions and Executive Undertakings Minister of Environmental Affairs & Minister of Mineral Resources Progress Reports
    21 Feb 2018

    The Select Committee met to consider progress reports on Executive Undertakings made by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and the Minister of Mineral Resources in October 2015.

    The Minister of Environmental Affairs responded questions raised by the Committee regarding the executive undertakings made on 27 October 2015. The Minister indicated ...

  • NCOP Economic and Business Development Labour Laws Amendment Bill; National Minimum Wage Bill, Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill; Labour Relations Amendment Bill: briefing with Minister
    20 Feb 2018

    The Minister of Labour gave introductory remarks on the four Labour Law Reform bills. The Labour Laws Amendment Bill was a Private Member's Bill introduced by Ms Cheryl Dudley. It proposed including parental leave benefits to adoptive parents, surrogate mothers and fathers. An error in the Unemployment Insurance Amendment ...

  • Employment and Labour CCMA, Nedlac, Productivity SA, UIF on Quarter 2 performance; with Minister
    14 Feb 2018

    Four entities of the Department of Labour – Productivity SA, the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) – presented their second quarter performance reports to the Portfolio Committee.

    ProdSA emphasised the need for job preservation to minimise ...

  • Employment and Labour Labour Law Reform: National Minimum Wage Bill, BCEA & LRA Amendments; Labour Department + Compensation Fund Quarter 2 performance, with Minister
    31 Jan 2018

    The Department of Labour briefed the Committee on labour law reform. The National Minimum Wage Bill was the result of a NEDLAC engagement process about wage inequality and the labour relations environment. The national minimum wage (NMW) was the minimum level below which no employee should be paid:
    • The level ...

  • NCOP Petitions and Executive Undertakings Election of Chairperson; Mantsopa Petition: hearing
    25 Oct 2017

    Documents handed out: Report on the Financial Status of Mantsopa Municipality and Petition Progress [available under Tabled Committee Reports once published]; Mantsopa Petition [awaited]

    The Select Committee met for the Election of the Committee Chairperson which was facilitated by the by the Committee Secretary.

    The Committee also continued with the ...

  • Employment and Labour Minister on National Minimum Wage; Department inspections: feedback
    1 Mar 2017

    The Minister of Labour briefed the Committee on the progress made on the national minimum wage. She explained the national minimum wage will not take over or review the previous signed wage agreements nor will it review the sectoral determinations except where the sectoral minimum wage is less than the ...