Mr Marshall Mzingisi Dlamini

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Marshall Mzingisi Dlamini


  • Mineral Resources and Energy Budget: Committee Report 5 Jul 2019

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone and reminded the Committee that Fridays were also working days. He also informed the Committee that they were facing a time constraint. He noted Mr M Wolmarans’ (ANC) late arrival and said the Committee had been waiting for him to arrive. Apologies were received from Mr ...
  • Alexkor 2017/18 Annual Report 7 Nov 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) said one the things being dealt with in the Eskom inquiry is the proposition put forward by Mr Matona that some of his reasons for leaving was interference by the board, deterioration in governance and all other concerns. What was uncovered too was that board members ...
  • Committee Report on Draft Integrated Resource Plan 2018 public hearings 6 Nov 2018

    Mr M. Dlamini (EFF) was in agreement that more time was needed to adequately discuss the Committee Report on the draft IRP. He had a concern that the Committee could not just leave some actions flowing from the IRP in the control of Ministers as often the execution was not ...
  • Eskom 2016/17 Annual Report 18 Apr 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) asked whether the power stations affected are going to be closed and if so what will happen to the workers. He sought clarity on payments made to Independent Power Producers (IPPs). How much was paid and to which companies? How much electricity are the IPPs bringing ...
  • Transnet 2016/17 Annual Report 14 Mar 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) began by addressing the GCE and the Board chairperson indicating that their counterparts in Eskom, including the former Minister, were “in a hole” but kept on “digging”. He then inquired into the current status of Regiments, McKinsey and Trillian, and whether they were “in the system ...
  • Eskom inquiry: Malusi Gigaba 13 Mar 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF): Mr Gigaba, you are at the centre of Gupta naturalisation – granting them passports and ID numbers. But before we go there, let’s start with you. There are allegations that your citizenship is questionable. Can you respond to this question; where were you born, and where ...
  • Eskom inquiry: Malusi Gigaba 13 Mar 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) said the request for Adv Vanara to engage with the witness after Committee Members was denied.
  • Eskom Inquiry: Ben Ngubane 7 Mar 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF): In your statement you say Eskom was supposed to get R238.9 million savings. Did Eskom get that saving?
  • Eskom Inquiry: Ben Ngubane 7 Mar 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) agreed that the Committee should meet with the Guptas first, followed by Minister Gigaba.
  • Eskom Inquiry: G9 Consulting Services 27 Feb 2018

    Mr M Dlamini (EFF) asked G9 if it was a norm in the parastatal for large payments to be made in a day, or was this immediately flagged as something unusual.