Mr Nicolaas Jacobus Janse Van Rensburg Koornhof

Nicolaas Jacobus Janse Van Rensburg Koornhof


  • Eskom To Explain Load Shedding (Member's Statement) 6 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, unfortunately my speech is very similar, but load shedding is an important topic. No one will easily forget the impact that the year 2008 had on our country. We had the start of the global recession, the resignation of former President Mbeki and load shedding from Eskom.

    This ...

  • The Deputy President: 5 Mar 2014

    Hon Speaker and hon the Deputy President, Standard & Poor's is the most important agency as far as the mining sector is concerned in the world. They have recently warned to downgrade us if business confidence weakens, labour disputes escalate and production costs goes up due to the weakening ...

  • Ministers: 5 Mar 2014

    Hon Deputy Speaker, Deputy Minister, we need trade to grow, to strengthen our stability and to deal with our current account deficit. Europe remains our second largest important trading partner, having been overtaken recently by Asia. Yes, we are making progress to add other partners, but we cannot replace the ...

  • Action To Protect Rhinos (Member's Statement) 4 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, yesterday the hon Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs urged people, particularly those adjacent to the Kruger National Park, to be more vigilant and to report any suspicious activities that are linked to poaching. Let us as the national Parliament all echo that today.

    A few days ago ...

  • Customs Control Bill (Second Reading Debate) 4 Mar 2014

    Mr Chairperson, we are jointly debating three pieces of legislation today, but I shall confine my comments to the Customs Control Bill, and more specifically to the legal opinion side of it.

    On 1 November 2013 Sars briefed Prof G T S Eiselen to give them an opinion on the ...

  • Anc. 13 Nov 2013

    Hon Deputy Speaker, what a pleasure to say a few words about Sue van der Merwe! She had an illustrious career in politics, and before she entered this House she was known for her very good work. She made a change in this country. I, together with a few Members ...

  • Adjustments Appropriation Bill (First Reading Debate) 7 Nov 2013

    Mr Speaker, the financial crisis has exposed many countries' weak spots. We have not been saved in the process and, according to Sanlam's Jac Laubscher, it hit South Africa at a very bad time. In 2008 we were in a very volatile position politically - just after Polokwane - and, in ...

  • South Africa's Financial Situation And Implementation Of Ndp (Member's Statement) 5 Nov 2013

    Mr Speaker, since the effects of the financial crisis have rolled onto our shores, South Africa has sustained its first credit rating downgrade. Public debt has doubled and we struggle with the double deficit. Our state wage bill is too high and service delivery protests are the norm.

    Despite all ...

  • Notices Of Motion 29 Oct 2013

    Mr Speaker, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the DA:

    That the House debates the high fares of SA Express and SA Airlink and their effect on domestic tourism.

  • Notices Of Motion 12 Sep 2013

    Speaker, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of Cope:

    That the House debates the negative effects of coal mining on the Mapungubwe National Park.