Ntshepe Casper Maimela

Ntshepe Casper Maimela

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Committee appearances

  • International Trade Administration Bill: public hearings 17 Sep 2002

    Ms N Maimela (CITA) spoke of the regulations and relief in relation to anti-dumping laws. The provisional duty available as immediate relief for dumping or counterfeit trade imports is regulated by international trade law. It is an instrument that allows you to protect industry and investigate whether there is dumping ...
  • International Trade Administration Bill: briefing 31 Jul 2002

    Ms N Maimela (CITA) read through Clause 16(d2) of the Bill to show that the Commission can initiate its own investigations. She then read through Clauses 12(3) and 13 to show that the Bill was clear on the separation of powers between the CEO and the Chair. Ms ...

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