Oupa Piet Baloyi

Oupa Piet Baloyi

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Committee appearances

  • Department of Social Development on Budget Allocation: briefing 1 Apr 2003

    Dr O Baloyi (IFP) asked why the proportion of monies spent was always the lowest in KwaZulu Natal.
  • Food Voucher Scheme: briefing 26 Jun 2002

    Dr O Baloyi (IFP) asked to what extent the scheme depended on electricity.
  • Budget Hearings: Department of Health 30 Apr 2002

    Dr O Baloyi (ANC) was concerned about whether or not the Department could effectively map the impact of HIV/AIDS holistically and not just concentrate on its immediate effect. He brought up various factors that would affect such an impact assessment. They are the following: the issue of safety and ...
  • Sexual Abuse of Children: report 23 Apr 2002

    Dr O Baloyi (IFP) said he did not have enough time to read the report but he had problems with the manner in which the presentation had been written and structured. However, he did agree that it was a fair reflection of the submissions.
  • Budget Vote 18: deliberations 6 Mar 2002

    Dr O Baloyi (IFP) asked whether the audit would be a report on the social development aspects of poverty in general.

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