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2021 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 11 meetings out of 11

2020 committee attendance as mp

88% attendance rate

Attended 28 meetings out of 32

2019 committee attendance as mp

91% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 23

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Committee appearances

  • Legal and drafting matters raised in submissions: discussion 5 Mar 2021

    Mr R Moroatshehla (ANC) suggested that the motion ‘carried water.’ He supported the suggestions raised but suggested that they base the proposed extension on a programme developed by Administration. When the Committee made the submission for the extension to Parliament they would have something attached which would showcase whether they ...
  • Public Participation Report: discussion; Parliamentary Legal Services on legal and drafting matters raised in submissions 4 Mar 2021

    Mr R Moroatshehla (ANC) suggested that they agree that the current debate came as a result of the letter that the Chairperson received from the DA. It was good; it was the democratic right of everyone to register their concerns if not satisfied with something. The letter received was not ...
  • Engagement with Teacher Unions 3 Mar 2021

    Mr P Moroatshehla (ANC) acknowledged, with appreciation, the role played by the unions in trying to improve education for the future of South Africa. When the Committee met for first time after the first Covid-19 wave, it had not been oblivious to the loss the DBE had suffered at the ...
  • National Senior Certificate Examinations Outcomes: DBE & Umalusi briefing 2 Mar 2021

    Mr P Moroatshehla (ANC) appreciated on the work the DBE had put into the conduct of the 2020 NSC exams and the release of the results. He also appreciated the Umalusi Council on its report explaining how the quality of the results was assured. He asked the DBE what it ...
  • Revised Committee Programme; Public Participation Report: deliberations 26 Feb 2021

    Mr P Moroatshehla (ANC) said that in the Chairperson’s opening remarks and his response to the concerns raised, he had cut short any possible confusion. It was true that the role of the Chairperson was to make sure that ‘the sheep do not go the wrong way’. The members could ...

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Plenary appearances

  • CLUSTER 2: SOCIAL SERVICES (Subject for Discussion) 20 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chair, thank you Hon Minister for the response. Your response assists you in that indeed as you respond, there is no intention to dump and abandon our kids. However, it remains important for this House to know whether the department has sufficiently engaged with Department of Higher Education, ...

  • CLUSTER 2: SOCIAL SERVICES (Subject for Discussion) 20 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chair, do I have your attention? I think I am done with my question. I am saturated. Thank you.

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