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Formerly: National Council of Provinces

Rory Dean Macpherson

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  • Overview of existing trade relations and agreements, as well as ongoing trade negotiations Brexit negotiations 11 Sep 2019

    Mr D Macpherson (DA) welcomed Ambassador Carim back from Geneva. He thought it was important for the Minister to table an executive statement to the House that would allow Members to debate on Brexit and to present their parties’ views on a post-Brexit deal. He hoped that the Ambassador would ...
  • South African Automotive Industry Master Plan & National Credit Amendment Act: dti briefings 10 Sep 2019

    Mr D Macpherson (DA) welcomed the goal to increase local content from 39% to 60%. Many manufacturers had been forthright about the unfeasibility of this goal. Some of these reasons were said to be associated with cost and accessibility of vehicle components. There was probably a Mexican standoff between the ...
  • Status report on matters relating to the Sugar Industry 4 Sep 2019

    Mr D Macpherson (DA) said that he had been requesting the SEIAS report which the DTI was instructed by the Committee to undertake. To date, he had still been unable to ascertain as to when the report was undertaken, finalised, submitted to the Chairperson of the Committee and the Office ...
  • Committee Legacy Reports 28 Aug 2019

    Mr D Macpherson (DA) thanked the Content Advisor for the comprehensive presentation. The legacy would have been lost if the Committee did not take up some of the serious issues that had been raised by Opposition Members and the issues were pushed aside because of where they had come from ...
  • Second Term Committee Programme 23 Jul 2019

    Mr D Macpherson (DA) raised a question on the agenda of 10 September 2019 - consultation with the Minister on the appointment of the Commissioner of the National Consumer Commission (NCC), and on 9 October 2019 - Candidate nomination for the chairperson of the National Lotteries Board. In the past, there was ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister in the Presidency 22 Aug 2014

    (1) What was the total value of arms sales from South Africa in the 2013-14 financial year; (2) (a) what countries were recipients of South African made arms and (b) for each country what was the (i) make and/or model bought by and (ii) intended use of each arms ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Trade and Industry 1 Aug 2014

    With regard to his department’s Budget Vote on 22 July 2014, what amount was spent on (a) food, (b) alcohol, (c) cool drinks, (d) entertainment, (e) travel for departmental officials in and around Cape Town, (f) travel for departmental guests in and around Cape Town, (g) accommodation for departmental ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform 1 Aug 2014

    (a) How many empowerment farms in (i) the North West, (ii) Mpumalanga, (iii) the Northern Cape, (iv) the Eastern Cape and (v) KwaZulu-Natal have been funded through the stakeholder schemes for the past 10 years and (b) in respect of each specified province, (i) at what cost, (ii) how many ...

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