Simo Ezra Mfayela

Formerly: National Council of Provinces

Simo Ezra Mfayela

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Died 29th December 2020


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Committee appearances

  • Executive Undertakings: DSBD & COGTA; Kat-Pop Petition 24 Feb 2021

    The Chairperson commenced the meeting by welcoming a new Committee Member, Mr X Ngwezi (IFP, KZN) who has joined the Committee to replace the late Mr S Mfayela (IFP, KZN).
  • Local Government: Municipal System Amendment Bill: Department briefing 16 Feb 2021

    The Chairperson expressed his grief over the loss of an outstanding Member of Parliament, Mr S Mfayela (IFP, KZN), who had been part of this Committee. On behalf of the Committee, he expressed his heartfelt condolences to Mr Mfayela’s family, to his political home, the Inkatha Freedom Party, and to ...
  • Electoral Laws Amendment Bill: IEC response to written submissions 10 Feb 2021

    Before commencing the meeting, the Chairperson requested to have a moment of silence in memory of Mr S Mfayela (IFP, KZN) who sadly died during the parliamentary recess period. She prayed that his soul rest in perfect peace and noted that the Committee has expressed its condolences to Mr Mfayela’s ...
  • Electoral Laws Amendment Bill: IEC briefing 8 Dec 2020

    Mr S Mfayela (IFP, KwaZulu-Natal) commended the IEC for the standard of work it is doing in comparison with other electoral commissions in Africa. However, the staff at the voting stations are letting the IEC down. Staff need to adhere to the guidelines of the IEC and must be subjected ...
  • Executive Undertakings: COGTA & Justice and Correctional Services 4 Nov 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting and read through the agenda. She received an apology from Mr S Mfayela (IFP, KwaZulu-Natal). She further noted that it was a Cabinet day, which was possibly the reason why deputy ministers were present and not ministers. Were there any apologies from the ...

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Plenary appearances

  • 19 (Statement by the Deputy Minister of Health) 19 Mar 2020

    Hon Chairperson, hon Deputy Minister, today we face together, as a nation, an unprecedented attack by an invisible enemy, isilwanyane esingabonwa ngamehlo [an animal that cannot be seen with a naked eye].

    Yesterday the official number of confirmed cases was 116. We have broken the 100-case mark and precautionary measures ...


    Chairperson, according to the World Health Organisation about one quarter of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis bacteria. Only a small proportion of those infected will become sick with TB. People with weakened immune systems have a much greater risk of falling ill from TB. A person living with ...

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