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Ms Terri Stander matriculated from the Port Alfred High School in 2000. She was then employed at the Norufin Housing (Pty) Ltd (Housing Finance Provider) from 2001-2005, whereupon she went to read for a BA (HSS): Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts (University of South Africa) qualification from 2004-2007. Ms Stander was also once a Human Resources Officer at the Central District Municipality between October 2005 to August 2006. She started her own consultancy called HR Solutions in 2007 consulting across the Eastern Cape and has written columns for AVUSA discussing HR and IR matters. Her political involvement within the DA started in 2009 when she became a branch chairperson.

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2019 committee attendance as mp

83% attendance rate (5 of 6 )

2018 committee attendance as mp

95% attendance rate (19 of 20 )

2017 committee attendance as mp

71% attendance rate (24 of 34 )

2016 committee attendance as mp

73% attendance rate (16 of 22 )

2015 committee attendance as mp

61% attendance rate (14 of 23 )

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

100% attendance rate (15 of 15 )

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Ms T Stander (DA) suggested that the outgoing Commissioners who were applying for a new term in office should be ...


13 Mar 2019

Ms T Stander (DA) recalled that Ms Lemmer had mentioned in her introduction that she had an economic focus based ...

Ms T Stander (DA) asked who was responsible for organising Ms Khawula’s interpreter? She said that, in order for fairness ...

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(1) What total number of crematoriums across the Republic are currently over capacity; (2) what total number of crematoriums are ...

(1)What total number of state mortuaries in each province are currently over capacity;

Whether he will furnish Mr P A van Staden with the (a) total number of (i) state mortuaries and (ii) ...

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Good afternoon House Chairperson, thank you to the hon Ncube- Ndaba for chairing the ad hoc committee, my fellow members of the committee support staff and especially Neliswa Nobatana for ...

Thank you, Deputy Speaker. Sir, just before I ask my question, may I ask that this House supports the condemnation of a tweet against Karima Brown that was made public ...

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Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Early Light Trading 107 CC

Dormant / Closing

Description Extent Location

Erf 995


Port Alfred

Erf 3616


Port Alfred

Nominal Value Name of Company Nature

R37 000


Tax-Free Invest

R250 000


32 day Notice

R10 000


Fixed Deposit

R20 000


Liberty RA


Early Light Trading 107 CC (DORMANT)

Description Extent Location



Port Alfred



Port Alfred

Nominal Value Name of Company Nature

R30 000

Ashburton Tax Free


R100 000

Ashburton Investment


R20 000



Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Early Light Trading CC


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Early Light Trading 109 CC

[Dormant CC]

Source Description Value

Mantis - Zambezi Queen


R26 000

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Early Light Trading 109 CC

[Dormant] Shelf Co.

Description Extent Location

Erf 2898


Port Alfred