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Thandile Babalwa Sunduza

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Ms Sunduza was born on 15 November 1977. She has a degree in Sports from Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and Project Management from Regenneys. Ms Sunduza is a board member of the National Olympic Academy Board, has worked for The National Olympic Committee of South Africa (NOCSA) (now The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) as a sports administrator and has worked for the Gauteng Department of Health and the Gauteng Department of Sports. Further information will be provided shortly on Written Questions Member's Interests Hansard Appearances Committee Appearances Voting

Thandile Babalwa Sunduza's plenary attendance record for Feb-Apr 2013 and 2012.

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Ms T Sunduza (ANC) said the Mvezo museum was being funded by the state, so accountability needed to be given ...

The Chairperson welcomed the Minister of Arts and Culture and noted that he would need to leave the meeting early, ...

The Chairperson’s report stated that there were some changes in the arts economy, which was facing a tough time because ...

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Njengomntwana okhule ethetha i-Afrikaans ngokubangelwa yimvelaphi yam yezeelwimi, eli gama lithi 'twak' lithetha enye into endingenakuyibiza apha kule Ndlu. Ngoko ke, ndicela uyijonge loo nto. Enkosi. (Translation of isiXhosa paragraph ...

Njengomntwana okhule ethetha i-Afrikaans ngokubangelwa yimvelaphi yam yezeelwimi, eli gama lithi 'twak' lithetha enye into endingenakuyibiza apha kule Ndlu. Ngoko ke, ndicela uyijonge loo nto. Enkosi. (Translation of isiXhosa paragraph ...

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