Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training
Reabetswe Malinga
Adjustment to the higher education acceptance system
20 June 2019 8:54 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training,

Trust you are well

My name is Junior Reabetswe Malinga and I am a university of Johannesburg student. I have struggled in the past to get to study what I wanted to study and I still do due to my matric results not meeting the requirements this is still happening as I am studying something I do not want to in the name of getting a qualification.
I have realized many students also face the same dilemma.

I would like to suggest that students that don’t have satisfactory matric results but would like to do a certain module go through a “acceptance test” procedure, where during the period of December and January after student receive their acceptance letters people who don’t qualify write that “acceptance test” to see if they are fit for the course they want to do.
I suggest this on the basis of me being in high school and not reaching my full potential but after high school studying at Varsity college for a year before funds running out my marks ever exceptional and currently doing Management services in Engineering my marks are still above average but it’s still not the field I would like to be in.

Kindly take my suggestion into consideration as it would really be helpful to many students in South Africa that have been put in a different course then they wanted to which lowers their motivation which causes drop outs and other factors

You can contact me on this email address or on 0653318691

Kind regards
Reabetswe Malinga