Portfolio Committee on Health
D Viljoen
Pharmacist's Impact
12 August 2019 8:30 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Health,

I would be negating my profession as pharmacist if I do not point your attention in the direction of a very serious query.

Why is there no direction, no action, no allowance and no formal response directed to pharmacists and their superb medication knowledge in aid of the proposed NHI?

This total lack of professional interest in our ability to aid and guide in the medicinal and pharmaceutical arenas is extremely worrying. It is extremely concerning that our intellectual input is not acknowledged in any way.

Moreover worry some is the fact not a single form of formal communication came - from government - via our professional channels and associations to the individual pharmacist.

Why are we nullified?
Why are we ignored?

The matter is most frightening.

D Viljoen