Standing Committee on Finance
H Coetzee
Pension payout delays by Government Employees Pension Fund
4 September 2019 7:11 a.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Finance,

GEPF is not adhering to the GEPF Act 21 of 1996 in terms of the Spouses pension benefit payable in terms of this Law.
My father passed away July2018. To date my mother has had to survive without the pension due to her. Her Z143_Spouse_Pension_Application form was submitted exactly as stipulated. No feedback has been received after numerous follow-up calls and emails. An email with, "Please be advised that the enquiry is currently in process," 3 months ago was the last response to our enquiries received.
My mother's application is not the only one hanging in the air! Go and have a look at the numerous complaints and queries on the web - i.e.:
Surely this is not acceptable or the intention that widows and their dependents have to struggle to survive without a pension for months and even years, and this at a time of their life’s where they need it most after losing their spouse.
I cannot understand how the officials in charge, Mr Kobus (JC) Reyneke and Jay Morar are not being held accountable for their actions failing to provide proper administrative services they are appointed and responsible for.
According to the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, one has the right to fair and reasonable treatment by Government. Government departments have to act fairly, reasonably and without undue delay aiming to make the administration effective and accountable to people for its actions. Together with the Constitution it embraces the Batho Pele principles and promotes South African citizens' right to just administration. This is not the case at GEPF. They are failing dismally.