Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy
Vusi Ngqokomashe
Failure to comply with Social and Labour Plan: New Kleinfontein Goldmine
9 September 2019 7:23 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy,
As Deputy Secretary of a Stakeholder Engagement Forum of New Kleinfontein Goldmine I have been mandated by the aforesaid Forum to write to this Portfolio Committee asking for it's intervention in the matter of failed Social and Labour Plan compliance of this mine operation in Springs Gauteng. On 21 November 2018 The Department of Mineral Resources had a Social and Labour Plan Compliance Inspection of New Kleinfontein Goldmine which we attended as community representatives at the Stakeholder Engagement Forum and witnessed the mine dismally failing to comply with their Social and Labour Plan, consequently we have had two meetings with the Department of Mineral Resources and New Kleinfontein Goldmine management seeking a solution to the matter of noncompliance with the Social and Labour Plan and adding our voice to the new Social and Labour Plan as well as seeking compliance inspection of ownership as we are not happy with noncompliance with Statement 100 of the BBBEE codes of good practice. At the meetings we had with the Department of Minerals and Energy, the Department ordered that we be given a copy of the pending Social and Labour Plan so as to add our voice and that the Department would carryout ownership compliance inspection to ensure compliance with Statement 100 of the BBBEE codes of good practice but non of these happened, neither the mine did give us a copy of the SLP nor the Department carryout compliance inspection as promised, instead the mine served us with letter of disbandment of the forum which was democratically elected from four wards that are affected by mine operations. We request that the portfolio committee consider the matter and suspend the mining license of New Kleinfontein Goldmine if need be.