Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training
Thandinkosi Zondi
Ineffeciency of the whole administrative staff component of UNISA.
21 September 2019 4:53 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training,

In short, please assist the students who are ambitious of acquiring qualifications and enter the employment arena thereafter. The queries the students report to admistrative staff do not get attended to. In tutorial letters we are supplied with tel numbers and email addresses. Whenever one uses these contact details to raise questions, get clarity or have queries resolved through these contacts, one is ignored continuously.

I personally have a case which I reported in March 2019 immediately after receiving Jan/ Feb 2019 exam results. I rejected the mark result of 33%. I then requested for the release of my exam script to do my own calculation and the verification of my script. I have moved from one office to another without receiving any assistance. The senior office bearers have also been contacted and they show no commitment to help up to this day. Studying through Unisa is not enjoyable. We are human beings to receive the service we pay for.

Thank you for making this platform accessible to the students of Unisa too.