Portfolio Committee on Health
Koketso Thema
National Public Health Institute of South Africa Bill
1 October 2019 8:28 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Health,

I am a Public Health graduate, freelance writer-blogger and most importantly, a young person in the Public Health sector with a very keen interest in health policy and legislation.

America has an organization which addresses various health issues through promotive, preventative and curative as well as other measures recommended by this organization but most importantly, it is suitable to address the health issues affecting them. The CDC/Center for Disease Prevention and Control's mandate would be a very suitable companion for the National Health Insurance, which is why the National Public Health Institute of South Africa Bill must be brought before the NA as it was lapsed due to the dissolution of the 5th administration.

The establishment of an institution such as this would good for the Primary Health Care sector as well was the Public Health sector at large and would be an opportunity for policymakers to explore mechanisms that are key for health and social issues.

The importance of this Bill is very well-documented but has not been given the same attention as the NHI Bill.