Standing Committee on Finance
Contractors in the departments
18 November 2019 9:31 a.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Finance,

From the position i`m operating, as a an government official / civil servant working with contractors, it will be helpful if you can re-look at the appointments of contractors if saving money from state purse is your target goal, not all work need to be contracted.Due to my observation some work can be done internally by well structured and positioned government officials and save millions of money.

The pricing pattern by contractors will further plunge the state into economic quack-mire if not given necessary attention. Again if the sectional deputy directors of sections as custodians of sectional budget are allowed to advise contractors about undercharging of services and products, state will continuously experience shortfalls if this exercise is not properly regulated, because there is high level of collusion.

There is too much fruitless and unnecessary expenditures happening in front of us ,due to power and authority posed on officials ,officials are left with little or no space to fight this, some instances officials are forced to comply.

The reason for this mail is that all this affect each and every south African including me as a taxpayer, therefore i hope my little contribution can raise some awareness to the necessary authorities and help remedy the situation.