Portfolio Committee on Basic Education
24 January 2020 12 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, I Thulisile concern citizen, a student . I just found out today about the
CSE which is still in a consultation stage and I was wondering why would the government want to implement such .I might not be fully aware of what this bill would actually instill and how it may be a positive thing .There is about 80 something percent of children who still cannot read,write and still struggling in mathematics and science and so forth but the government is up and ready to educate intercourse from grade 4 ,that really makes me question why . To actually put pictures in learning guidelines , I wonder if when I was in grade 4 learning about such ,what reaction and trauma would I had to face . I just wish before it is implemented , I ask President Ramaphosa to think about parents whom are not approving this and look at why not. I feel President Ramaphosa should not look at this in a business side ,but look at how this might affect those children... Personally glad that I did not learn about such. This is just a sensitive matter. Please Mr President and members of parliament just think about it and do research(more ) before introducing it .If it gives y'all the same answer after research and investigation,then educated I and other members that are not clear about this .

I hope y'all see where I come from . Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my concern.

Kind regards