Portfolio Committee on Labour
Thembelihle Mthethwa
Awaiting UIF payment
24 January 2020 1 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Labour

I have a Uif payment complaint.
I went to one of your labour offices(KATLEHONG) to submit my Uif claim form on thursday dated 17 January 2020. I was told to come back early the next day hence the cut-off time which is 10:30 has already passed. I was dissapointed, hence ive spent money for transport to get to their offices. I made it a point to come early the next morning to Submit the forms again, I then waited for payment over 3 days as stipulated. To my suprise no payment came, I then went to the offices to ask what was the course for the delay on the 23rd
January 2020. I waited in a que where individuals submit their UIF forms a young man rudely told me I need to go back to the que. Which I did, he then started calling people who were there for queries and to submit forms to come join the que. I followed them to the same que and waited my turn. The young man started shouting and instructed his colegues not to assist me and that I should go back to the que. When it was my turn to get assisted one of the ladies who was assisting people at the counter dint even want to lesson to me and she rudely instructed me to go back to the end of the que. I then went back and waited again, when the same youngman came to call for people who were there to submit forms, I politely approached him trying to explain why I was there possibly there was a mistake on their side, he rudely said I should wait in the que and that he doesnt want to talk to me. I had no choice but to go back home without getting any assistance...

Till todate I have not recieved any UIF payment...
I have now missed 3 interviews, because of this delay...

Please advise a way foward, with regards to this matter at hand...

Yours truely dissapointed and humilated..
Where is the spirit of ubuntu...?