Portfolio Committee on Basic Education
Mr Calvin Moremogolo
7 February 2020 10:59 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Basic Education,

I wish to, further forward the request I made last year concerning the above-mentioned matter. I have written to the Administrator of the NW Education, Mr Mohlala as per your advice regarding the implementation of the signed organizational structure but still, nothing has happened. Instead, there was an advertisement of posts from his office, the gazette of which contained posts that were not supposed to be there according to the NEW SIGNED organizational Structure, the CES Posts at the Sub-District Office level and those of DCES Curriculum which were only supposed to have been at the District level.

The structure does not have the so-called Sub District, which is a form of a delay towards the service delivery which is supposed to be forwarded to the mass of our people in the education sector. This they do, as I have indicated in the letter I wrote on the 21st October 2019 to you that, they are protecting their friends, a group of individuals who think that the education department is theirs alone. They run the department as they wish, create posts that are non-existence, sabotage the effectiveness of many employees in the department because they do not subscribe to their emotional way of running the department, and the protection of corruption happening in the department.

We have, on several occasions, tried to talk to them through letters about the unacceptable behavior of some of their employees but they just took us for granted. We are attaching the copies of the correspondence we sent to them through fax for your perusal. We communicated with the office of the Superintendent General, the office of the Administrator, the office of the MEC and the Minister's Office, Ms Angie Motshekga for their help. It is clear that they do not want to assist.

Kindly go through the copies of the correspondence we forwarded to these officials of the department and intervene. We have a trust in you, The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, that you will help to stop corruption and favoritism happening in the North West Education Department, before it is too late.