Standing Committee on Finance
karen west
reckless lending by absa
6 September 2020 7:20 p.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Finance,
I am a 62 year old pensioner with no pension - In november last year i sold off my car to pay back the cost and cancelled my insurance to try and get out of debt i went to absa to apply for a overdraft of R33000 which was offered to me, i wanted this for any emergencies somehow of other the consultant talked me into a massive loan without doing an assessment, or looking at statements or getting a bookkeeper to look at my statements. I only sell second hand cds for a living and certainly dont earn enough to pay back R6000 loan. I went into debt review and tehn my doctor classified me as permanently disabled due to all the stress as i have health problems so i could no longer work, absa wouldnt pay out on credit life and they fighting against the reckless lending when all i had in the bank when they ggave me the loan was R2000. They now have debt collectors chasing me and i have no money - i have been through enoughas my dad passed away with alzheimers after having it 7 years and that took a lot out on me. I have been with absa 30 years and have tried for small loans in the past and each time i was told that i must get a bookkeeper to look over my statements this time nothing and the consultant even upped the amount i earned a month when she said we cant put that as its too low and they wont accept that figure - i need helpt