Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour
A Rossouw
Compensation claim no response from Krugersdorp branch
23 March 2021 3:14 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour,

I am writing this letter out of pure frustration. My father for injured on duty in 2014, where we have submitted claims to your department. We had to submit these claims to the branch on a few occasions because the file kept on being lost.
I took over the follow-ups in 2020, where that if I don't copy the Director General complaints and Branch Manager into the emails, I would not get any reply.
We in November again had to submit the banking details where we were told this is the last documentation, I took leave to do this, when I arrived at the branch, I was approach in a very hostile manner about sending so many emails, where I replied to the lady but if you answer me on the first email I would not have to send you 20 before.

2 week later again we had to submit the first claim that was submitted in 2014. Which I had to contact my dads head office in PE to send me, I have done so, I send the documents and have not heard a word from the branch since. I have sent several emails but to no avail.

I send a follow-up email once a week no one answers. I have copied the Branch Manager in on all my mails and he does not get back to me.

I just do not know where to turn to anymore, there is no ombudman for the compensation fund.

Please can you help me.