Portfolio Committee on Communications
Ndiphiwe Kenneth Mkefa
Is English only SA Official Language
26 March 2021 10:59 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Communications,

In my involvement in Events of National Importance I have noticed that English is the only official language of communication in a country with high rate of people who cannot read or write.

According to Statistics South Africa, only 8.4% of South African households speak English – that’s just 4.7 million people in a country of 56 million. English is only the sixth-most common home language in the country, after Zulu (24.7%), Xhosa (15.6%), Afrikaans (12.1%), Sepedi (9.8%), and Setswana (8.9%), article:

So if few South Africans speak English why then is it the language of business and politics?

If those who cannot read or write cannot be address in their language of choice something protected by the Constitution and National Language Policy Framework how can they participate in the democracy they voted for?

Do you know how ackward it is to listen to English address on an indegenous language radio station.....

Your response will be very much appreciated.