Portfolio Committee on Communications
Bongani Maseko
National Clap N Tap Arts Council Audience & presentation request
30 April 2021 12:53 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Communications
National Clap N Tap Arts Council (NCNTAC) has been spearheading in the forward looking creation of a structural body and an umbrella facilitative organization in the integrated ecosystem of the administration and promotion of indigenous Clap Tap traditional gospel music performing arts. The NCNTA council has been a provisionary custodian of our indigenous essence and a committed independent national platform for the entire Clap N Tap music industry and fraternity working together to preserve, advocate, and inspire related stakeholder network in shaping relevant music policies, lobby government and private sectors to support and recognize the sector towards the tangible growth of the entire Clap N Tap network.

As we have been in the forefront of facilitating growth in the Clap N Tap industry, we are excited to discuss and engage our long term success in planning to officially launch the Postola: National Clap N Tap Day which will be a special annual commemorative day on the 25th of November; presenting an opportunity to reach out to communities, educating, celebrating, and preserving indigenous essence in this genre/Postola throughout the day with week-long grassroots activations and campaigns along with the objectives of the Committee in regard and the organization.
As such, this letter seeks to request a formal engagement of your audience in accordance to the needs of the council and the role of the committee as envisaged to present ourselves and engage on the challenges and important issues on the following items;
1.1 Issues of Broadcasting i.e. the ineffective support of the genre as a national pride and treasure in South African arts media
1.2 Issues of Funding i.e. lack of feedback and support in funding or growth focused structural support. Such as representation in relevant policy making etc.
1.3 Issues of Capacity Building i.e. limited capacity building, education, skills and training to empower and develop our artists and all relevant stakeholders
1.4 Propositions, Mitigations, Solutions i.e. recommendations of building a solid partnership and working relation structure with the Department, Parliament and all

We look forward to discussing the support, partnership and working with you to promote Africa’s artistic spirit.
Should you need to get in touch with us kindly email us on or call us on 068 119 9210 / 071 265 4659 / 084 501 9004

Yours in the servitude of arts and leadership.
Mr. Mahlomola Kekana
President 082 938 5645
Mr. Bongani Maseko
Secretary General 071 033 7695