Portfolio Committee on Tourism
18 May 2021 8:10 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Tourism,

The Afriforum and Solidarity has gone to court to stop the transformation that is so essential in the tourism industry of our country.
The Tourism Equity Fund is not a Covid Relief Fund as they claim but an essential intervention that is meant to bring more blacks into the white minority dominated tourism industry of South Africa.
These right wingers are racists who prefer the old South Africa where the minority dominates all sectors of the economy.
What is the Ministry of Tourism doing to ensure that this important initiative of transforming the tourism sector is not sabotaged by this racist minority group who represent a tiny white section of South African society ?
We are sick and tired of these racists who aspire for the old apartheid South Africa that is dominated by whites in every sphere of life.
Solidarity and Afriforum unashamedly do not represent the majority of the citizens but are representatives of white racist aspirations. SHAME ON THEM!!