Joint Standing Committee on Defence
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13 July 2021 8:22 p.m.
Dear Joint Standing Committee on Defence, i was employed by the SANDF from January 2001 till November 2019.
My contract was not renewed because of a minor transgression in 2010, i have received a letter of intent none renewal in March 2018. I submitted my appeal in May 2018 explaining the reasons around my transgression. I committed an AWOL offence in 2010 for which i was charged under the MDC and remanded to pay a fine of R800.

In 2010 my circumstances spiral into difficulty severe social challenges affected me negatively. I was expecting my first child and had a miscarriage at 2 months, which affected me emotionally and physically.

I did not receive any correspondence till the 4 October 2019 informing me that I need to complete my termination booklet.

The following people was awarded contract with charges :
97000145MC PO C. Jacobs
4 x AWOL in 2009
1 x AWOL in 2010
1 x AWOL in 2011
3 x AWOL in 2014

06009427MC CPO A.M. Motshana
1 x AWOL in 2012
1 x Alters an official document in 2012
Contract ends 31/12/2035

04028148MC PO B.V. Tawana
1 x AWOL in 2014
Contract ends 30/06/2027

00009779MC CPO A.J. Harper
1 x Law offence outside RSA
Contract period 01/01/21 - 31/12/30.

I have submitted 2 complaints with the Military Ombudsman and both complaint files was closed.

I am a single mother of 2 minor kids and do not have any means of income at all. I desperately need help please.