Portfolio Committee on Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Manogaran Dorasamy Govender
Asbastor roofing on houses
16 November 2021 12:16 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Environment, Forestry and Fisheries,

To whom it May concern
I am Mr. Manogaran Dorasamy Govender of Phoenix,canadit of 2021 local government election at pr no. 115 ,also the admin of Ward 48 residents association (Clayfield)
We have a concern about the asbestos roofing that's on our houses which should have been sorted out a long time ago but hasn't, kindly assist us in getting answers to this regard which I can filter to the residents as we are of the assumption that it's not safe to have this material on our houses.
This dose not affect only the Phoenix residents but a major part of the country, your feedback will be much appreciated in this regard.
Thank you
Rajen Govender
Ward 48 residents association Clayfield
A clean community is a safe community