Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)
Thulani Dhlamini
The disregard and disdain shown to Ms Busi Mavuso.
23 April 2022 7:34 a.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA), i am a black adult male by the name Thulani Dhlamini.

I write to express my shocker and anger at your committee, particularly the Chairperson (someone i've always admired and held at a high esteem, a proven future leader of our country. Some i celebrated when he was entrusted with this befitting responsibility of sharing this esteemed committee, taking over from a giant Mr Godi).

Chairperson, you were very much and utterly unfair to Ms B Mavuso. It is the kind of grandstanding that enabled State Capture (which took place right under your noses and all set there did nothing but your monthly budgets).

It is an absolute truth, that all the new SOE's board members were brought in to fix the mess caused by the immoral, inherently corrupt and pathetic the ANC. Your board has done nothing to hold ANC backed and aligned contractors who for over two decades were involved in the mulfunctioning brand new Medupe and Kusile. It is them that should account for this mess. Its grossly unfair to blame the current board members for the mess they found, trying to fix and the constant loadshedding.

Had your committee over the years, held anyone firstly accountable for the deliberate delays in the completion of the two power stations; insisted on quality workmanship; and ensured that all corrupt involved in the derailment of the project are held to account. There's been no demand, from your committee for proof of consequence management from Eskom for the mulfunctioning Medupe and Kusile. All we saw, was grandstanding and patronizing on your part Chairperson and your committee which silently clapped.

In conclusion, may i remind you that, the same incompetent and corrupt ANC deployed people to Eskom directly from their Polokwane conference with an express directive to do all their can to loot Eskom and line up their national leaders with ill gotten gains. It is those deployees that need your tongue lashing, it is those incompetent corrupt ANC deployees that are the reasons for the continued and escalated loadshedding. It is the same corrupt deployees that deliberately broke a transformer at Medupe to enable their other unpatriotic ANC deployees contracted to Eskom to come do repairs. Now, this unpatriotic behavior by governing party deployees is now country wide. Stories of collusions between contractors, corrupt ANC deployees and Eskom maintenance workers colluding to sabotage substations so as to create maintenance contracts for ANC connected maintenance companies. And all these things are know and happening under your noses as an esteemed parliamentary the same manner and attitude you did with during all those State Capture years. You were mostly all the in parliament, you did nothing instead you all shielded (IFP included) former President Zuma, even when evidence was glaringly obvious. The rot we trying to fix today, is the same rot you allowed to happen, directly or indirectly enabled with enjoying benefits of being a member of the national parliament.

Before you start patronizing a black goddess for standing her ground, stating facts and saying the obvious, start by holding the corrupt to account. Stop hosting meetings and hearings on the obvious but rather start demanding accountability, prosecutions and excellence.

Hands off Miss Busi Mavuso, Hands off!!!


(a very disappointed and patriotic follower of this esteemed committe)

Thulani Dhlamini