Portfolio Committee on Basic Education
Tsholofelo Mahlaole
19 May 2022 1:12 a.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Basic Education,

My little sister is struggling to find space at Dulcie September Primary School in Rabie Ridge. She was doing English and Afrikaans, and Dulcie September, is the only school that offers English and Afrikaans, in the surrounding area.

So my parents are not on good terms, my mom went back to her parents' home in Tembisa, with my young siblings. She took a transfer from Palmridge Primary School last year December, after reports were issued. My mom has been going to enquire about space since last year, and they kept sending her back with excuses. She has been going there even for the last two weeks, with a note from a social worker, but still, she's been sent back. She last went there on Monday 16th May 2022.

My little sister is depressed and it's sad to watch her being used for chores in this household, instead of going to school like other children. Her mental health is at stake.

PLEASE! I NEED HELP ASAP! We will try by all means for her to catch up, so she can be up to syllabus, like everyone else.

Kind Regards