Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)
Simone Weyers
Non Road Accident Fund Payments For Health Care Provider (JHB)
21 October 2022 11:59 a.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA),

I Thank you for taking your time to read our email. I am an health care provider assisting pre-auth care for Patients with amputations. Unfortunately we are experience some disappointment from RAF JHB. Even though we sent numerus emails and phone the office, till now we have not received any payments nor Pre-auths that is already over 90days.

We are referring below, some of our patients and still waiting on payment:
Mrs Maria M Smit - Link Nr: 592583 (sent invoice 17/03/2022)
Mr L Silindane - Link Nr: 3577847 (Sent invoice 02/06/2022)
Mr B Maartens - Link Nr: 2507653 (Sent invoice 15/08/2022)
Mr MB Dlamini - Link: 3244195 (Sent invoice 25/08/2022)

These services was rendered to the patients with a valid Pre-Auth from RAF JHB.
My Medical Practice is struggling severely regarding non payment.

We will highly appreciate if there is any one that can assist with this, as we did tried all other options and failed to retrieve any answers.

Kind Regards;
Simone Weyers
Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist