Portfolio Committee on Labour
Rocks Matebele
Corruption at CCMA
5 July 2018 9:47 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Labour,

My recent experience with Labour Court and CCMA tells me that there is still no access to justice for the poor and vulnearble people including the rest of the working class. I experienced very bad treatment at the CCMA where a commissioner told me that he will talk to the other commissioners to ensure that I dont succeed in my matter. Complaint was laid and the CSC concluded from an informal discussion that there was no wrong in saying that.

I took my matter to Labour Court for review based on corrupt activities and the CCMA decided not bring the records. I believe it well known that if the audio records are not there, the applicant will not succeed with the review process. This was not the first experience and was not the last as the audio records of other meetings which proceeded from that one well also not available. As long as there are no actions taken by those in power, corruption at CCMA will continue to destroy lifes of many mostly working class.

In the Labour Court, as I was not represented, the judge was very harch to me as I didnt write my story in the way he wanted but I believe that if he really wanted to understand, he would have asked me. Again, In the Labour Court my file disappeared for weeks to ensure that I dont prepare it before the hearing. The judge said I must consult before I come before him. This is the issue that convinced me that there is no justice for the poor people. You know what, there is no platform to take these kinds of issues because if it is known that you complained against a judge, the whole justice team will be against you. WHERE IS JUSTICE?

Let me tell you that I then consulted using one of the legal insurances. They referred me to one of their panel attorneys which happened to be white. There is nothing wrong with the race. Attorneys also are becoming agent of corruption. These attorneys stood with my matter for roughly 18 months then later decided to withdraw it without giving reasons. I have an experience of referring a matter to the Law Society, That is also another useless body more especially when a black person is complaining against a white attoney. I challenge the committee to check the ratio of sunctions taken against white attorneys as compared to of the blacks. (Also see the article in the Sunday Times of the 03 June 2018 about conduct of attorneys).

Finally, let me tell you what are the results of these kinds of issues: One learns to be violent and start breaking the law because there is no one who will just stand and watch others taking advantage of him/her....

We try to resist racism and oppression that that is still rooted in the private industries more especially in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors but the oppressors know that you will not go any far because a CCMA Commissioner will be given a bribe to rule against the employee. If you go forward, you are always threatened with costs whilst on the other hand judges are denying us free access to the courts.

I would be happy if I can be afforded opportunity to present my experience with the CCMA (including their head office) and the Labour Court in writing or orally.